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Portland, Oregon 97204 US
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The Company

ATHENA Programming, Inc. is a California corporation that was founded in 1966 by Jack Perrine. Its primary mission at that time was support of the FORTRAN V compiler for Univac / Sperry / Unisys 1100 series mainframes.

During the early seventies, ATHENA concentrated on enhancements to its version of this compiler, as well as on general systems programming and assistance for customers with large applications.

At the same time, primary operating system support was created for two minicomputer lines while we aided customers in scientific and control applications for those computers.

In 1975, ATHENA became aware of the remarkable properties of FORTH applications and native operating systems. We have been so impressed with the suitability of these methods for achieving low overhead and complexity, while simultaneously enjoying high stability and flexibility, that virtually all of our work during the past two decades has been done with native FORTH systems on a wide variety of CPU types and system architectures.

Presently, ATHENA is supporting a small set of OEM's who use our native FORTH systems and native TCP/IP package. Most of this work has since 1987 been done using 386 instruction set owing to the low cost per unit computing system power made possible by mass production of PC's.

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